Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bekah at Home.

I saw "Julie and Julia" last week, and began to read the book by Julie Powell a few days ago. As much as I loved the movie, the book is that much better. Not only does it make my blog seem inimitably less cool, but also slightly more pathetic than it already is. :/ So, my quest is to set out and make something that is actually good, every day. I don't necessarily have a desire to throw a stick of butter in everything I make, a la Julia Child, because that's just not me; but I do have Giada De'Laurentiis.

You could say it was her who originally got me cooking. The Food Network has what "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" doesn't have and never will: High Definition, food stylists, closets and closets stacked high of Le Crueset cookery, and measuring spoons and designer bowls straight out of the Anthropology warehouse. "Everyday Italian" with Giada De'Laurentiis was my original 'inspiration', if you will, for cooking. She makes everything pretty and light and is just, simplicity, at its most perfect.

I watched two episodes of "Giada at Home" this morning; Giada's latest endeavor about planning dinner parties, beach picnics, yoga recovery snacks, and gardening lunches in her painfully perfect Malibu home, with her home grown herbs and too cute one year old baby. Giada, I have decided, is my Julia Child. I don't know too much about Julia, but I can probably tell you GDL's life story on the fly. Watch Giada one day, and let me tell you, you won't be able to turn her off.

9/2 Wednesday lunch- My Giada inspired italian lunch. I first made a mint, lemon mayo for my sandwich. My sandwich: I toasted some 'tuscan' bread (yes, WalMart has artisan bread. It's no Beyond Bread, but satisfactory enough...) and boiled one egg. On the sandwich, was my mint mayo, sliced tomato, lettuce, sun dried tomato and sliced egg. I made a little italian salad on the side of chickpeas, corn, red grapes, sun dried tomatoes, lemon juice, mint, and olive oil. It all turned out really good.

9/2 Wed breakfast- Acai! with pumpkin flax granola, banana and almonds. One of my favorite breakfast's. A little taste of Xoom Juice, (which I miss terribly) because I use the same granola and same acai they use for their Xoom spoons.

9/1 Tues dinner- I made a chinese chicken salad, with leftover chicken breast, napa cabbage, green onion, orange segments, and a vinaigrette I quickly made of peanut butter, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and orange juice.

9/1 Tues lunch Chicken salad, cantaloupe and a pickle.

8/31 Monday lunch A little tuna pasta salad with olives, cantaloupe, olive oil, lemon juice, red onion and carrots on the side. (It was experimental, tasted good enough, but probably not something I'll make again.)

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