Sunday, September 20, 2009

habits broken

This week was a little bit more busy than the past few. I managed to get out a few times which meant I missed a few meals, so I ate a handful of almonds instead. I'm realizing back in Tucson I ate the same thing EVERY single day and when I craved something different I would have a 'bite' or 'taste' of it, but I would also eat what I ate every day. A typical day in the life of Bekah, would be two poached eggs for breakfast with sliced tomatoes and a 'two tablespoon bite' of Nature's Path granola (but seeing as I put the granola in a Dixie cup, it usually ended up being more like an actual portion *gasp*). Between my chicken salad and cut veggies at lunch, my protein smoothie in the afternoon and dinner, I still munched on little things like slivered almonds, dried fruit, chocolate chips, grapes, cereal, saltines, tears of tortillas, hummus and little spoonfuls of peanut butter and honey.

I eat different things here, mainly because of my effort to cut back on grocery shopping and also my new discovery of so many variations of healthy breakfast eats. So, I don't munch anymore. I eat four solid meals a day and drink coffee and water. All day. :) I never get bored of my meals either. Apples aren't going anywhere! So if I want to venture one day into the almond world, I will have an entire portion of raw, whole almonds instead of my daily apple. I have learned that it won't kill me. I won't miss the apple.

I still follow an eating plan that works well for me personally. I usually have a protein source in all my meals, and only eats grains/carbs at breakfast. I will occasionally have starchy vegetables (i.e. sweet potatoes, red potatoes, corn, peas, etc.) as an accent in my lunch or dinner. And I always have a bite of dessert. Whether it be a tablespoon of chocolate chips or a spoonful of honey, I'm there. ;)

saturday 9/19 lunch Simple boiled sweet potatoes (I prefer steamed, but what'dya know, I don't have a steamer.) with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper and two soft boiled eggs on top. Such a simple, but delicious lunch. (Or breakfast, but you know how I feel about breakfast.)

friday 9/18 lunch I'm trying to use up my canned tuna, before going back to the grocery store. Honey mustard tuna salad with celery, parsley, dried cranberries, walnuts and dried dill. Carrots on the side.

friday 9/19 breakfast Fage! Greek yogurt with Nature's Path granola, coconut, frozen blueberries and cherries and raw almonds.

thursday 9/17 breakfast Um raw oats? Soaked overnight in soy milk? Dried apricots, almonds and coconut? Yes, please. In the morning I added a dollop of yogurt, frozen blueberries and a drizzle of honey. Yes, I like it sweet.

wednesday 9/16 So this was definitely experimental, but I had an abundance of kale so I sauteed red onion, kale, and chicken breast in some spices, and white wine and well, it was edible, but the flavors were a little weird.

wednesday 9/16 lunch Tuna salad and carrots! (Honey mustard variety- recipe above.)

tuesday 9/15 dinner Sauteed spinach scrambled with egg whites and leftover homemade pesto, and sliced tomatoes. Breakfast for dinner? Of course.

tuesday 9/15 snack Frozen blueberries (about 2/3 cup), frozen banana (a few chunks), 1 cup ice, spoonful PB, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, and water.

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