Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm a planner

I'm not gonna lie... I enjoy food. Who doesn't? I'm no glutton, but I enjoy a good meal. Or snack. Or in between snack, snack. You get my point. I enjoy food like I enjoy a good book, or a good outfit. When I am reading a book, I usually have in mind which book I am going to read next. Same goes for clothing, and well, food. In high school I planned my outfits and meals on a white board, anywhere from one to two weeks in advance. From the time I turned 16, to graduation day I (usually) had all my outfits and meals written out. The point being, I think about what I'm going to eat for lunch, while I am lingering over my breakfast and coffee. I am a planner.

I am also kind of a food snob. What cook isn't? On school retreats and road trips I refused to eat the cafeteria and fast food, in which case, I prepared myself with Luna bars and apples in my bag. The reasoning for fixing each meal of my day is that I just don't like eating crappy food. It doesn't sit well with me. Why should I eat what isn't good for me? Now crappy does not necessarily coincide with unhealthy. If a basket of sweet potato chips are truly delicious and made with the best ingredients, but are still unhealthy, I will probably dig right in. It's not the same thing. One of my yoga podcasts said something the other day that I believe to be true: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." I believe in eating in moderation. But that includes eating in moderation. I am not perfect by any means, but cooking my own food makes it that much easier for me to stay true to myself and stay healthy.

When I do go out, and eat food at restaurants, I want to enjoy it. I want to remember my experience. Around the world there are countless restaurants that just, do things right, and many places that are worth visiting, so why should I waste an experience of eating out on food that is not worth experiencing?

9/7 Monday breakfast- Greek yogurt (again) with pumpkin granola, sliced banana, blueberries and shaved cocunut and wheat germ on top. This brand of Greek yogurt is Fage, and it is the plain flavor, I usually add a little honey.

9/6 Sunday dinner- I made turkey burgers with my ground turkey I got a few weeks ago. I mixed in green olives, mint, dried oregano, ketchup and a few oats to help it to stay together. It was a little dry, but I think that's because the turkey was so finely ground. Any burger does not like to be overmixed. I also made a cole slaw with my Napa cabbage, and I grilled some tomatoes.

9/6 Sunday lunch- Leftover tomato soup, carrots, cantaloupe and two boiled eggs. I don't know why.. but I was in an orange mood, I guess.

9/5 Saturday dinner- I made homemade tomato soup! My favorite. It's, sort of, getting close to getting cool here in Texas and I made soup. In the winter I make this soup every other week, and sometimes I'll even freeze extras because it's that good. I had tuna on the side.

9/6 Saturday lunch- Breakfast for lunch! I poached two eggs, and put that on top a toasted corn tortilla with heated black beans (I added chili powder and cumin to the beans) and made a salsa of storebought salsa, frozen corn, and cumin and chili powder. It was tastyyy.

9/5 Friday dinner- Breakfast for dinner! I guess I didn't really feel like cooking, so I made a smoothie with strawberries, banana,chocolate protein powder and water. Layered with pumpkin granola.

9/5 Friday lunch- Egg salad, carrots and a salad of tomato, watermelon, mint and shaved cocunut.

9/4 Thursday dinner- Jen bought chicken salad at a good deli place in Tyler. This chicken salad was flavorful, but not my favorite. This was true, literal, chicken salad. It was so finely ground, it was more like chicken salad you dip in with crackers. Not something I'll be eating again anytime soon. It was better on top lettuce though.

9/4 Thursday lunch- I ate a light lunch because I was heading out soon after. I had a piece of toast folded over with peanut butter, honey and raw oats for crunch. :) Also carrots and an apple.

9/4 Thursday breakfast- Two poached eggs with side of fruit and bread ends for toast, with honey of course.

9/3 Wednesday dinner- Grilled chicken breast on top a salad of romaine, watermelon, tomato, celery and an orange vinaigrette.

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