Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some acaaiiiii & ribs.

This morning before I did a yoga, I've been doing a lot of yoga these days I had 2 packets of acai with 1/2 cup of Kashi Crunch, (unfortunately I ran out of my Nature's Path pumpkin granola, I didn't want to get any because I leave so soon) and 1/2 of a banana. I ate my breakfast with some new coffee that I got yesterday at Tazza. I even ground the beans this morning.
Later I went into the restaurant because they made some extra lunch of ribs, and coleslaw and potato salad. I ate 3 ribs which were very good for being homemade and not 'famous' or anything and a little coleslaw with sliced tomatoes and peaches. It was a yummy lunch.

yummm. xoxo, B

Catching up =)

So Saturday, for breakfast I had yogurt, berries and some pumpkin granola. One of my favorites. We headed to Tyler to see "The Hangover" and I had to have a Kashi TLC bar to hold me over, and by the time we ate lunch it was an early dinner. We had Teppenyaki, it was not very good, but I managed with some edamame, chicken, and sauteed vegetables.
Sunday for breakfast I fixed egg whites on a scooped out whole wheat english muffin. The top half I ate with jelly. It was very good.

For lunch I had tuna salad, with some carrot sticks and pickles. I also had a small smoothie before dinner.
I noticed there was some broccoli, squash and zucchini in the fridge that was on its last stage. I microwaved it in some chicken broth, with a few screws of whole wheat fusilli pasta. I added 1/3 cup Bertoli tomato basil sauce, some dried oregano, basil, granulated garlic, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. I also added chicken. It was so good, that I had it for dinner again Monday night with a little piece of bread to soak up the juices. It was half soup, half stew, half pasta. So yummy.

Monday morning I got to drive in to my favorite coffee place, about 45 minutes away, and got a little groceries too. Before I left I had oatmeal, with cinnamon, honey, water, milk, raisins and almonds. At the coffee place I had a few cups of coffee, and a small fruit salad.

At home I had lunch, which I made a chicken salad with apple, celery, pickle, almonds, raisins, mustard, miracle whip (all we had, I prefer real mayo), yogurt and apple cider vinegar. I also had carrot sticks and a pickle on the side. ;) I had my vegetable, chicken, tomato pasta soup thing again last night for dinner.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Thursday and Friday

A few highlights from Thursday & Friday:
before work on Thursday I had pb & honey & banana on a whole wheat english muffin.
After cooking a luncheon in which there were absolutely zero leftovers, I ran to Subway and got my normal sandwich because I was soso hungry. For dinner Thursday I think I had chicken salad of somesort with whatever we had vegetable wise.
Yum, real oatmeal, (no packet!) enabled me to have more, and it was actually better for me. I did just plain oats, a little milk, water, cinnamon, honey, raisins, and vanilla, and some strawberries on the side.
I made egg salad, had it with carrot sticks, pear, pickle, and I made a TINY panino and tested out the the panini machine. It was good.
For dinner Friday I had chicken salad again.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today I got to visit a Sysco warehouse which was actually pretty awesome, sampled some mahi, salmon, marlin, seabass and some filet & rib eye. That was lunch, basically. =)

For breakfast before we headed out I scrambled myself a couple eggs that I ate with ketchep, and had a slice of toast with strawberry jam (good stuff) and a small glass of V8 with pepper.
Tonight for dinner I made a little mock tortilla soup with zucchini, squash, corn, black beans, chicken, chicken broth, carrot and lots of spices! (Dark chili, cumin, smoked paprika, cinnamon, salt, and pepper.) I squeezed some fresh lime on top. Yum!

there are a few things I eat that do go un-documented and photographed, so just so you know this is not every little bite I eat day to day. =)
xoxo, B


So on Tuesday I got to sit at home and do my own thing.. yay.. Caught up on The Bachelorette, yoga, and I even layed out and swam (with the dog :/) for a few minutes.

For breakfast I had some organic Stoneyfield Farm vanilla yogurt with frozen berries and pumpkin flax seed granola and 1/2 of a banana, and coffee of course. I had the Stoneyfield, because they do not have the Greek yogurt around here. I've seen it at one place, so I'll have to go get it next time.

For lunch after I swam I had my version of egg salad, carrot sticks, and a pickle and a half an end of bread. Jillian and Kiptyn all the way for The Bachelorette. I'm rooting for my San Diego man.

I broke our the VitaMix for a small smoothie in the afternoon, it was pretty good (Frozen strawberriees, cherries, banana, a little bit of chocolate protein powder, coffee and a few chocolate chips.)

For dinner that night I ate baby spinach with chicken, almonds, raisins, carrots, and a balsamic vinaigrette.

Monday, June 22, 2009

450 dollar strip.

Today I worked a luncheon for the owner of the restaurant and a few of her friends. Before I went in I had a bowl of mixed Kashi Golean Crunch!, and Pumpkin Flax granola with a peach and some coffee.

For lunch I got to sample a few items I made for the luncheon, a caprese panzanella and mashed sweet potatoes, but I really got to taste a few ounces of the strip that is supposedly a very nice piece of meat.. somewhere along the lines of 40 $/lb. So I had that with grilled asparagus and about half of this little champagne peach soup. Everything was pretty good.

Then later I finally got to get a lot of groceries I wanted, now that we have a full working kitchen ;) so I made a mock greek salad with lemon pepper rotisserie chicken, carrots, cucumber, feta, green olives, and romaine.

what a weekend

The weekend was long, hard, and strenuous…but it had its ups and downs. During the move I got to unpack the kitchen and all of the glorious, fun tools and toys that I will get to use in the near future.
Saturday morning for breakfast before we started to pack up I had instant oatmeal with blueberries and honey, a plum and coffee. I was so hungry by lunch I went and picked up Subway and had one of the best Subway sandwiches I’ve ever had. Chicken breast on 9 grain honey oat, with spicy mustard, pepperocinis, pickles, cucumber, lettuce, vinegar, pepper, with iced tea and baked lays. The last time I had Subway was the day I had it with N and J before graduation rehearsal, so it’s been quite a while.

Some other weekend highlights…
A little slice of home welcoming quiche (with a spelt crust…it was kind of funky :/) with squash and broccoli, and peaches for Sat dinner.

Sunday before work I had 2 boiled eggs with S & P and a piece of peach preserve coffee cake (made by the same lady who made the funky quiche...) During work, which was off sight at a catering event, the menu was chicken kebabs and Greek salad, so I managed to sneak a plate before it got busy.
Sunday dinner… had my tuna salad that I have made before, with a salad of zucchini, squash, corn and black beans and a few spices to liven it up a bit. I finally found a can opener! Yay!

Friday, June 19, 2009


So today was a long and crazy day. For breakfast I had my scrumptylicious morning glory muffin from Tazza. It was exactly how I imagined tasting and bettterrr.. Yum. I had that with the coffee I got to go and a handful of blueberries. I only ate the muffin top, as it was bigger than the actual body of the muffin, but had the rest midmorning as I was running around like a crazy person in the local Brookshires.. (probably comparable to Fry's in Tucson.. :/)

After working quite a bit in the kitchen for an event we are catering on Sunday, I poached two eggs and had them with some salad greens and a little slice of bread (& honey.. ahem) sampling from La Brea Bakery for lunch. The bread was definitely no Beyond Bread, unfortunately.

Later that day I had an apple, and for dinner I unwillingly ate at a kind of gross hole in the wall bar and forcefully shoved a skinless smoked chicken breast, a few bites of corn and a small salad down. Nothing special. Now I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is moving day for Beks.

x's and o's, B

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The rest of my Thursday

So after my power vinyasa yoga class and by the time I was ready for my day, it was time to make lunch and watch a little Top Chef Masters and Real Housewives of New Jersey (side note, those wives are crrraaazy!)

I made tuna salad with canned white meat, no salt tuna, lots of spicy mustard, balsamic, e.v.o.o., honey, apple and almonds. I paired it with a salad of cherry tomatoes, english cucumber and a crumble of goat cheese. I also had some baby carrots on the side. This meal just goes to show, with one pairing knife and a tupperwear container, magic can happen on the plate. ;)

For a snack I had what was left of my apple from the morning and lunch with 1/2 cup of mixed Kashi Golean crunch & Pumpkin Flax granola with skim milk, and another cup of coffee.

Once I had access to the car, I drove around Tyler to my favorite cafe, Caffe Tazza to grab some dinner. I love this place! They have gourmet lattes and cappuccinos with the pretty tops, really good breakfast and lunch, baked goods, gelato and brunch on the weekends.

I got an iced coffee (free refils!) and the European Salad with grilled marinated chicken breast. I think the chicken was in a pesto marinade, and added a nice touch to an already hearty salad of fresh baby spinach, cranberries, green apple, grapes, pecans and feta.

I got a hot coffee afterwards to save for the morning as well
what they call their "Healthy" muffin, which we call in Tucson, a Morning Glory. I am not normally a muffin fan, but when a baked good is made right, it can be very worth it.

xoxo, B

No cook breakfast

So today I got up, didn't have to go to work, so got up late (on my watch at least) around 7:45.
I made myself a cup of black coffee, a toasted english muffin with PB and honey and had half an apple. We're getting ready to move on Saturday, so we haven't had any real cooking going on for the last few weeks or so.
I haven't been able to use the stove, oven or really 'chop' anything up. The toaster works just fine though, so my english muffin with PB and honey was satisfactory. That and coffee and I'm ready to do my yoga podcast. Dave Farmar is a yoga genius! I download his podcast from ITunes and do his class three times a week. It kicks my butt better than any yoga I've done before.