Monday, September 21, 2009

culinary point of view

I believe most of my readers are fellow friends and family that live in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona. They know I haven't been cooking for very long, only about three years, but they also know how passionate I am about my cooking and how food influences my everyday life. My future colleagues at The Culinary Institute of America and my fellow foodie/'bloggie' (as I eloquently call them in my own head) friends don't know anything about my cooking, other than what I showcase here.

As an avid Food Network and "Top Chef" devotee, I often question my culinary skill and ability, and wonder, do I have what it takes to be a chef? A cyber foodie extraordinaire? Food writer? Nutritionist? Food stylist for Gourmet? Oh hit me baby: I just want to do something that has to do with food. Please. Giada makes it look so easy. Watching her show, yes, you could say I want to be a Food Network star. One of my fellow employees at the Magnolia House tilted their head when I told him about my secret dream, and just laughed and said "Nah, you couldn't. You're shy." SHY??? Seriously? Okay, maybe so. But just at first. I tend to lean more towards the description of "adult", "mature" and "quiet"; but I am by no means shy.

The point being: On "The Next Food Network Star" all of the contestants are faced with the million dollar question of the day: "What is your culinary point of view?" In other words, how will your point of view become the next "30 minute meal"? What do YOU have to offer to the table that no one else does?

This is my subtle attempt at a culinary point of view. No, it isn't quite short enough to get me on "The Next Food Network Star" and I still have to find my niche, but I have a few years.

I grew up eating organics, health ridden products, grass-fed beef, the "brown" eggs, etc. and was raised in a family where feeding the body was an act of nourishment. Every meal was eaten at the dining room table. I had to eat breakfast. I had to eat my vegetables. I remember throwing up eggs because I couldn't handle the taste every morning after I let them sit for a few minutes, because I refused to eat them. I was only able to eat my Van's frozen chocolate chip waffle, if I ate the egg too.

Naturally, I felt deprived as a child, but as I got older I grew to appreciate and love the healthy foods I used to cringe at. Then I started cooking. I made the decision that making healthy food delicious was fun! That's what I wanted to do.

My culinary point of view has been influenced by many books, movies, and famous foodies over the years but most importantly: the Slow Food movement, Michael Pollan and his two books Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food, the recent movie "Food Inc.", Giada De'Laurentiis (The Italian queen of the Food Network.) and my family.

xo, B

Just a few of my favorite meals from my favorite restaurants that I might consider as my style, if I EVER was able to open up my own cafe/restaurant. Healthy, fresh, local, organic ingredients prepared in the best way possible. I love breakfast!


  1. Who do you like on Top Chef this year? Thanks for reading my blog! :-) It's very nice to have found yours!

  2. Ooo, I think my favorites are Jen (she seems pretty hardcore for a female chef, and I think she'll go far) and I love the two brothers, and the Greek guy, Mike. =)

    Thanks for checking my blog out- I appreciate it, and hopefully it will start looking better and better the more I get the hang of it.