Friday, June 19, 2009


So today was a long and crazy day. For breakfast I had my scrumptylicious morning glory muffin from Tazza. It was exactly how I imagined tasting and bettterrr.. Yum. I had that with the coffee I got to go and a handful of blueberries. I only ate the muffin top, as it was bigger than the actual body of the muffin, but had the rest midmorning as I was running around like a crazy person in the local Brookshires.. (probably comparable to Fry's in Tucson.. :/)

After working quite a bit in the kitchen for an event we are catering on Sunday, I poached two eggs and had them with some salad greens and a little slice of bread (& honey.. ahem) sampling from La Brea Bakery for lunch. The bread was definitely no Beyond Bread, unfortunately.

Later that day I had an apple, and for dinner I unwillingly ate at a kind of gross hole in the wall bar and forcefully shoved a skinless smoked chicken breast, a few bites of corn and a small salad down. Nothing special. Now I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is moving day for Beks.

x's and o's, B

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