Monday, June 22, 2009

450 dollar strip.

Today I worked a luncheon for the owner of the restaurant and a few of her friends. Before I went in I had a bowl of mixed Kashi Golean Crunch!, and Pumpkin Flax granola with a peach and some coffee.

For lunch I got to sample a few items I made for the luncheon, a caprese panzanella and mashed sweet potatoes, but I really got to taste a few ounces of the strip that is supposedly a very nice piece of meat.. somewhere along the lines of 40 $/lb. So I had that with grilled asparagus and about half of this little champagne peach soup. Everything was pretty good.

Then later I finally got to get a lot of groceries I wanted, now that we have a full working kitchen ;) so I made a mock greek salad with lemon pepper rotisserie chicken, carrots, cucumber, feta, green olives, and romaine.

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