Thursday, June 18, 2009

The rest of my Thursday

So after my power vinyasa yoga class and by the time I was ready for my day, it was time to make lunch and watch a little Top Chef Masters and Real Housewives of New Jersey (side note, those wives are crrraaazy!)

I made tuna salad with canned white meat, no salt tuna, lots of spicy mustard, balsamic, e.v.o.o., honey, apple and almonds. I paired it with a salad of cherry tomatoes, english cucumber and a crumble of goat cheese. I also had some baby carrots on the side. This meal just goes to show, with one pairing knife and a tupperwear container, magic can happen on the plate. ;)

For a snack I had what was left of my apple from the morning and lunch with 1/2 cup of mixed Kashi Golean crunch & Pumpkin Flax granola with skim milk, and another cup of coffee.

Once I had access to the car, I drove around Tyler to my favorite cafe, Caffe Tazza to grab some dinner. I love this place! They have gourmet lattes and cappuccinos with the pretty tops, really good breakfast and lunch, baked goods, gelato and brunch on the weekends.

I got an iced coffee (free refils!) and the European Salad with grilled marinated chicken breast. I think the chicken was in a pesto marinade, and added a nice touch to an already hearty salad of fresh baby spinach, cranberries, green apple, grapes, pecans and feta.

I got a hot coffee afterwards to save for the morning as well
what they call their "Healthy" muffin, which we call in Tucson, a Morning Glory. I am not normally a muffin fan, but when a baked good is made right, it can be very worth it.

xoxo, B

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