Friday, August 28, 2009


Residing in a small town where the closest thing to real civilization is two hours away in Dallas; I have gotten used to living without certain common luxuries I am used to having day to day in Arizona. Did you know Dallas has a Buffalo Exchange? I got to inform my new Texas friends that Buffalo originated in Tucson... Little did they know... :)

Dallas also has multiple Whole Foods. The one thing I really, really miss is my Whole Foods. I cannot find anything here worthy of comparison, and going into the local grocery store or WalMart, searching for 'heathier' foods, I have learned to improvise.

BUT the good news is that Tyler does have a health food store, Whole Health. Tuesday afternoon I drove over in that direction and made a few purchases, which I normally would at my local Whole Foods. I got the best almonds I've ever tasted, raw and really dark and rich. I also got a package of frozen Acai, Fage greek yogurt, ground grass fed beef, ground turkey, organic peanut butter, and rolled oats.

8/28 Friday breakfast- So this morning I broke out one of my $2.60 6 oz containers of greek yogurt and really made it pretty to eat. I ate it with my pumpkin granola my mom sent me, frozen local blueberries, 1/3 of a banana and some of those really tasty almonds on top. Any other yogurt is sad in comparison. Greek yogurt is so light and fluffy, yet extremely thick and creamy at the same time.

8/27 wed dinner- I made egg salad because I hadn't had it in a while, and ate it with a little piece of Rosemary bread, carrots, tomatoes, and grapes on the side. (And some leftover Americano from our earlier trip into Tyler.)

Thurs 8/27 lunch. Sylvia, Jen and I decided to make a little trek to Tyler for the day just to relax a little bit. We saw Julie and Julia at the theaters, which only added to the blogging inspiration. We ate at Rudy's for a BBQ lunch. Coming from the West Coast, and especially in Tucson, AZ BBQ isn't very typical, so for being a chain in Texas, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't anything Guy Fieri would probably come across, but it was authentic barbecue, to say the least. We all three got pulled pork, and I got a taste of the green chili stew, and cole slaw on the side.

8/26 wed dinner- We had some boneless rotisserie turkey breast in the fridge, and I decided to eat it with a corn and cherry tomato salad with balsamic, a small taste of homemade potato salad and tsatsiki sauce.

8/26 lunch- The last of the chicken salad! I added grapes that we had, and had cut veggies, a plum and a few pita chips (A la Kristin Hucko ;)) with it.

8/26 Wed breakfast. When there's bakery bread and a panini maker, Lord knows you can't keep me away from it... So I fired up a mini panino for breakfast with 2 poached eggs. I made the panini with honey, cream cheese and cinnamon. And ate it with the eggs and a side of fruit.

Tues 8/25 lunch and dinner- I still had quite a bit of that chicken salad I made, so I still ate that. It may seem like it gets old, but chicken salad, a hundred different ways, I could never get sick of. With a side of carrots, or over lettuce, with a pickle. Mmm. Sign me up.

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