Monday, August 17, 2009

Picking up the pace!

Work has been crazy. After 4 weekends open, the restaurant is picking up the pace definitely.

These are just a few things I've been eating on my days off from the past 3 weeks....
Egg salad with cucumber, carrots and a chocolate rice cake. haha Love those!

I had this I think on a Monday night a few weeks ago, grilled chicken with and orange olive oil marinade, and salad with a few strands of whole wheat pasta.

Salad with tuna and pasta and carrots on the side.

Chicken salad with celery and apple and almonds and raw veggies.

Grilled chicken with salad and a few corn tortilla chips.

Salad at the restaurant one day when I got a break. Spinach, tomatoes, pecans and canned tuna from home with a lemon mustard vinaigrette.

I pureed extra veggies from work to make a little chilled soup, with grilled chicken and tzatsiki sauce. Yummy!

Leftover slow roasted chicken tortilla soup from the brunch menu. So good!

Chicken salad with carrots for lunch.

The other day I brought local eggs into the restaurant and poached them and had them with raw vegetables and some local white bean and artichoke puree that I used as a dip.

Chicken pesto salad with chicken and pesto I snagged at the restaurant with white peach and local grilled corn and tomatoes.

Chicken curry salad with the other half of that same white peach, carrots, tomato, and some more of that bean puree/dip. (Sort of hummus style. )

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