Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday 7-2-09 Lunch & Dinner

I ate an early breakfast of yogurt, Kashi and berries and was pretty hungry when lunch rolled around. I had egg salad as usual with my carrots, celery, tomatoes, pickle and rice cake. Later on I had an apple. Because I knew I might not be eating dinner when I would be hungry, I had a handful of almonds before we left for dinner.

We were supposed to go to Jen's aunt's house for dinner and set off fireworks, and they warned me that dinner at Aunt's house usually was a disaster. And it was. I ended up cooking half the meal, in order to get it on the table before 10 PM. Yes, that's right. We showed up at 7. Texans do not have any concept of time management around here, because well let's face it: there is no need for time management. This is a place where people pass you on the double yellow line on the highway, where you can bring your own alcohol into any restaurant and set off fireworks in your backyard. Let's just say, the country life, is not my cup of tea. However, the chicken we grilled was not bad, and we had alongside it organic peas, which were simply blanched, sliced tomatoes and fresh cabbage, both from a neighbor's garden which were extrememly flavorful. Baked potatoes microwaved were also available; I passed. I will say this, the fireworks were so, so, so much fun.

I only had a few bites of chicken, because by this time, it was passed my bedtime, and it wasn't settling very well. I did have a few bites of BlueBell ice cream though, which I enjoyed.

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