Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Who knew I could have so much fun with a microwave?
I guess with the added equipment of a VitaMix commercial blender, panini grill and Cuisinart coffee machine, I'm bound to find something to cook up, but surprisingly the microwave has been my bestie these days.
For breakfast I microwaved my egg whites (4 of them! They did not all fit onto the muffin, so I ate them on the side) and had them on top of a scooped out (Bethenny Frankel tip) whole wheat english muffin. I had sliced tomatoes on the side.

For lunch I had the norm, of egg salad and carrot/celery combo with a pickle. I was able to boil some eggs at the kitchen yesterday to have on hand. Later on I had a snack of one of those 100 calorie mini bags of popcorn, (Kettle corn, flavored. Yum.) and a sliced Fugi apple while I watched "The Closer". Great show.

Tonight I got very inventive and creative and decided to micro the last of the zucchini, squash and broccoli in some chicken broth, and I added oats, chick peas and frozen corn to thicken it a little. I blended it all up and seasoned it with my *secret* blend of spices and flavorings, and it actually turned out SO GOOD! Okay, so the picture looks a little bit like vomit, but I didn't add any cream either, and usually the cream makes it look prettier (but fattier). I did top it with one slice of crumpled bacon though, and that worked perfectly with the soup. I say *secret* because, who knows this soup might go in my future cookbook or something! Hmmm... I will say there was a hint of cinnamon and maple syrup added to the mix, other than that I made it quite spicy.

Last night for dinner I had some salad with romaine, fresh raw corn, tomatoes, almonds, chicken, peach and carrot and a dill cucumber salad on the side. Actually the veggies in the salad all came from Bruce's yard, so that was fun to eat.

we'll have to see what its store for tomorrow! =)

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